ACHE: My New Collection of Poems from Sibling Rivalry Press

Take a look at this beautiful video from the great folks at Sibling Rivalry Press. This is SRP’s creative way to announce the four poets whose collections they will publish in 2017. I am so grateful that one of the books they publish will be my third book of poems, Ache. This collection means so much to me. Its poems try to voice those many part of our lives that involve longing and yearning. Sometimes we Ache from pain– but sometimes we Ache because of beauty, love, and longing.

This collection contains several series of poems. It will open with a series of poems about individual John Coltrane songs. It contains a series about the murder of Trayvon Martin and the trial of George Zimmerman. There is also a series of poems in the voice of Nelson Mandela. There are two series of ekphrastic poems: four poems about individual paintings by Jean-Michel Basquait and four poems about individual paintings by Henry O. Tanner. There’s a series about the Confederate flag, a series about St. Toribio, a saint who is important to many immigrants coming across the U.S. southern border, and finally, a series about immigrants in the deserts of the American southwest; this series uses the Joshua Tree as its central image.

The video, set to music by Josh Ritter,  also announces three other books to be published by SRP in 2017: A House Made of Water by Michelle Lin, Desperate Journey by Rob Jacques, and Having a Coke with Godzilla by Kazumi Chin. I look forward to going through this process with them and to learning about their work in the coming year.


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