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Edwidge Danticat’s “Create Dangerously” is a Gentle Manifesto for Artists

Edwidge Danticat, is among the best fiction and non-fiction writers of English these days. Her novels about life in Haiti (Krik Krak, Breath, Eyes, Memory, and The Farming of Bones) create vivid stories of sympathetic characters undergoing remarkable sufferings. Her talent as a storyteller is wide and rich. More recently, she’s been writing non-fiction. Her 2010 […]

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“Everything We Wanted to Do”

  It was a few days after Christmas, in 2008, and we were packing up the house my parents lived in for nearly 60 years. My mom had died four years earlier and my dad was unable to live there alone anymore. We worked for several days packing and shipping the furnishings around which we […]

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The Opposites of August

August is my favorite month. It always has been. I love August because it is the month, in the northern hemisphere, when one can feel summer in its full, unrestrained power. August means sunshine. August means rich, full, green trees. August means short pants and bare feet. August means the beach. August means swimming. When […]

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