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A Politics of Humility

We are small. There’s no way around it. We are a humble part of a feast of parts, most of which we do not know. On Christmas Eve, 2013, this photograph by NASA seems an appropriate image. (If you click on the photograph, you should get a larger image; more at link below) It’s taken […]

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Darkness & Hope

We live in dark days and dark times. Just two days away from the Winter Solstice, our nights are long, the time between sunrise and sunset is as short as it will be all year. Much of our day is actually dark. Our times are dark too. One need barely read a newspaper or watch […]

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Nelson Mandela’s Legacy of Forgiveness & Reconciliation

Nelson Mandela is a hero to me. Back in 1985, in graduate school at  the University of Notre Dame, I was part of the Anti-Apartheid Network, a student group opposed to South Africa’s policy of racial separation. We were part of the international movement, largely of college students, urging divestment from firms doing business in […]

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