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Cedric Tillman’s LILIES IN THE VALLEY: These Poems See & Believe

Cedric Tillman’s poetry collection Lilies in the Valley has vision and faith. It looks and believes. These poems look deeply into human concerns with vivid details and rich, sometimes amusing descriptions. What they always do, for me, is draw me to look deeply at my own life. Tillman explores our various identities as family members, citizens, and […]

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Split This Rock Poetry Festival: Poetry Matters

The poets are coming to Washington, D.C. once again. Split This Rock Poetry Festival takes place March 27-30, 2014. This is one of the most stirring and crucial gatherings of poets in the country. I am probably a bit biased as I’ve been involved in small ways with the festival. But it’s clear to me– […]

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“This Is Not Just”

Dr. King often reflected on the parable of the Good Samaritan from chapter ten of Luke’s Gospel. It’s a parable told by Jesus, which many people know. In short, a man walked on the road to Jericho, he was jumped and beaten by robbers. A priest and then a Levite passed by and do not […]

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Second day of Woolworth's lunch counter sit-in

“Never Ask Permission to Start a Revolution” Franklin McCain, of the Greensboro Four, Dies at 73

He didn’t ask permission. He wasn’t prompted by any civil rights organizations. His protest grew from late-night philosophical discussions with other college freshmen at North Carolina A & T. Franklin McCain, and  a few friends, in the fall of 1959, discussed confronting Woolworth’s lunch counter policy which refused to serve Blacks. They talked about it […]

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