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2016: Remembering Small and Beautiful Moments

2016 might mostly be remembered for its disheartening presidential campaign. The mocking, cruel, and dishonest language by the Republican nominee will not go away any time soon. But there were other events, mostly small, in the life of this poet-teacher, which brought beauty and joy into the world. Here are some reflections on these events, […]

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Christmas & Vulnerability

I love the Christmas story. While belief presents me with other challenges, loving the story is easy. The story being simple– God becomes human. And the details of that humanity matter. They matter a lot. God becomes human in a child born in peril, in a vulnerable place and time. This child was not born […]

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Darkness and Light

We are living the darkest days of the year. Today in Washington, D.C., the sun rose at 7:21am and will set tonight at 4:48pm. Only 9.5 hours of light. As we inch toward the Solstice, darkness will grow and then we will make a turn toward the light. We will make a turn. At least […]

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Jeff Rath’s THE OLD UTOPIA HOTEL: Poems that Name and Save

Jeff Rath’s new poetry collection, The Old Utopia Hotel describes a world marked by sorrow, loss, and decay. This is a hard book. Its beauty lies in its honesty and its craft. While one might think poems about sorrow, loss, and decay are a bit heavy– and some are heavy– the craft, the delicacy, and the surprising […]

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Aaron Counts’ STRANGE-TONGUED NAMES: Aware and Alive

Aaron Counts’ new poetry chapbook, Strange-Tongued Names offers us the chance to look at ourselves. This talented poet asks us who we are, where we’ve been, how we love. These are beautiful poems, elegant and smooth in their craft. But they are also important poems, these poems can help us be our best selves: aware and alive. […]

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