Brian Gilmore’s “Chocolate City Review”

We live in a world of a zillion blogs. Some rant, some merely crank out one opinion atop another. But the good ones, the truly reflective and insightful ones, stand out for their careful thinking, good writing, and humble assertions. Brian Gilmore’s “Chocolate City Review” has all this. It’s among the best blogs I know.

Brian is a poet, father, husband, attorney and law professor. In my view, at heart, he’s a poet. That’s the lens through which he sees the world. His blog explores issues in his hometown, Washington, D.C. Though his blog’s immediate topics are often local, their implications reach out beyond Washington, D.C. Chocolate City Review hits politics, music, and basketball. He explores race, social justice, and Go-Go. His ideas seem to always angle around in a direction I had not imagined. There are few blogs I learn from. But Chocolate City Review is one.

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