Orlando Pinder’s “RETOLD”

Orlando Pinder is a young film maker I’ve known since he was a small child. He has grown into a man of conscience and talent. His most recent work, a five-minute film titled “RETOLD,” shows the people of Chicago’s South Side Bronzeville neighborhood in ways they are not often shown. A neighborhood more broadly known for violence, “RETOLD” shows us people with dignity, grace, humor, and awe. Nate Smith adds a hauntingly beautiful musical score and the images really come to life.

Watch RETOLD here.

When I think of Bronzeville, I think of Gwendolyn Brooks’ poems. She too shows a tough neighborhood in a far more human and gentle way. In “RETOLD,” Orlando Pinder follows in her poetic footsteps. You can read and see more of his work at OrlandoPinder.com.

He shows us children playing, teens in awe of beauty, elders chopping it up and laughing too. We see rich blue skies, we see lights and love in the midst of one of America’s more gritty cities.

Sometimes it’s easy to film urban violence and poverty. It’s harder to find beauty and light in places where one has to look more deeply. Orlando Pinder achieves this. Take a look.

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