Jakmel Ekspresyon: Creating & Supporting Artists in Haiti

Jakmel Ekspresyon is an arts center in Jacmel, just outside Port-au-Prince, Haiti. They have been active for more than two years in their mission to cultivate and assist local artists in and around Jacmel, in a non-discriminatory community. They do some magnificent work as you can see from their website and their facebook page. I first learned about Jakmel Ekspresyon when my friend, artist Jefferson Pinder went there last year to give a workshop.

Jakmel Ekspresyon gathers artists of all ages in a wide and enriching community. They organize workshops for local youth and artists on a wide range of artistic endeavors including theatre, drawing, painting, and sculpture, among others. They are also an integral part of their neighborhood, partnering with other non-profits on many different projects. If you are able to support them, explore their website and their facebook page, then make a donation to help their good work in a very difficult part of our world.

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